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→ Anonymous whispered : It doesn't. It only hurts after you get it pierced lol.

whaat haha i might still have to think about it, thanks for the advice though. 

→ Anonymous whispered : Navel piercing is cute just make sure you take REALLY GOOOD CARE of it or else it'll get infected and scar your tissue And that can look A littleunappealing

oh god. but i’m sure i can take care of it, i’m just scared about the pain while getting it :| 

→ Anonymous whispered : 1,5,7,1415. I misread diana as ur last name at first

haha man.. either way i have two first names. My full name is Tiffany Dinan Jen. 

1) The meaning behind my url: No meaning really.. I just like dinosaurs so I combined my name with it. Tiffasaurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rawr

2) Piercings I have: Just my ears. I’m debating whether or not I should get a navel piercing. Yes no maybe so?

7) Biggest turn off(s): Toe licking… it kinda freaks me out when people touch my feet. Fingering too hard.. it hurts.. please don’t… 

14) Piercings I want: oh look I answered that above :| Navel piercing

15) Relationship status: Exclusive..taken..? We go on dates, I spend nights at his place, we’re not hooking up with other people. but there’s no label. I call him my boyfriend just cuz it’s easier..exclusive buddy maybe? 

Oh yeah. for that question anon asked 

Biggest turn ons, this picture pretty much sums it up. ahem

decentwifi whispered : 9~

9. tattoos i want: I’m not quite sure yet but DEFINITELY a watercolor tattoo, they’re so beautiful and I feel like it would represent my artist side a lot.  I mean look at how gorgeous this is!image

→ Anonymous whispered : 2. a picture of me3. tattoos i have4. last time i cried and why10. biggest turn on(s)12 13 17 19.19. middle name??:)

2) I haven’t taken a selfie recently so i’m just gonna post my fb pro pic..

3)Tattoos i have: I have yet to get a tattoo but I really want one! (the “tattoos” in that picture are just drawn on) 

4) Last time I cried: I’m a little uncomfortable with talking about it but basically I got super depressed a couple days ago and things happened 

10) Biggest turn on(s): Whenever a guy bites his lips it’s just…oh man.. I also enjoy spontaneous makeout sessions in random places. 

12) Ideas of a perfect date: anything fun! I feel like movies and dinner are so cliche and could get really awkward. So anything like.. an amusement park, a sports game, arcade etc would be awesome

13) Life goals: I just want to be happy and content lol 

17) A fact about my life: I intern at NIH right now and am learning so much! Everyone there is also super friendly :)

19) Middle name: I hate my middle name… it’s Dinan (ding-ann) It’s translated from my old chinese name.. but I just tell ppl Diane.